Dance Tips


In order to make your event a success, The Cyriacs offer the following advice for prospective dance hosts:

Get Dancing
Make sure people know they are coming to a ceilidh and dress appropriately. No special kit is needed – but it can be hot work and tiring on the feet! The best way to get your guests up and dancing is to jump up yourself! The early dances are usually straightforward and seeing you enjoying yourself will help others overcome their inhibitions.

A little will help get people dancing, but too much can lead to questionable dancing and difficulty in understanding the instructions of the caller! Please make sure plenty of soft drinks are available – ceilidh dancing is thirsty work!

We can be very flexible, but a typical event might be two one-hour sets of four dances with an interval of half an hour in between. This allows some time for guests to recuperate and refresh. It is best that food is not served during a dance set as this can entice guests away from the dancefloor; lighter meals avoid indigestion!

It’s best to keep lighting at a moderate level – e.g. not too dark and not too bright.

Avoid slippery or loose (e.g. rugs!) floors as these pose obvious dangers to dancers. Grass or carpets can be hard – but not impossible – to dance on so contact us if you have any doubts about the surface in question.

A good rule of thumb is that a dancefloor suitable for about fifty people for a disco will accommodate a ceilidh of about twenty people….