Your Event


The Cyriacs comprises a four piece ensemble for songs and tunes – available to play at Folk Clubs, pubs etc – with another three performers joining to make the full ceilidh band with caller. We can offer a range of performance options to suit your running order and budget, and offer special rates for charities, fundraising events etc. Do feel free to call us to discuss if you would like something a bit out of the ordinary! 


Ceilidh/Barn Dance

  •  An organised dance with a caller who will teach everyone the required moves!
  • Ideal for getting people on the dance floor in the evening after your wedding meal or for a birthday bash, Harvest Supper, New Year’s Eve celebration, work event, fundraiser etc
  • Songs or tunes played as people arrive, during breaks in the dancing, while food is served (once the band has been fed, ideally!) etc
  • Special requests catered for – first dance, anniversary favourite, choir singalong – let us know the tune or song and we will rehearse it to play at your event.
  • If you need other music for your event – string quartet, jazz guitar etc – please let us know as we have some useful contacts!